AGROTRACER is a solution for technological accounting, which provides products traceability, losses control at each stage of production and efficiency of decision-making

Process of planning and harvesting

  • Estimated need for staff and materiel
  • Container label is a traceability tool
  • On-line information on the volumes of harvested crop
  • Automated wages payment to production personnel
  • All information in a single system

Process of products storage

  • Proper product storage is a guarantee of losses minimization at the subsequent stages of sorting and processing
  • Storage chambers loading plan
  • Percentage of losses in chambers
  • Accounting for products returned from the sorting line, in terms of characteristics

Process of sorting and processing

  • Planning of sorting/processing according to the customers' orders
  • Tasks formation for sorting/processing
  • Choosing a chamber with the required product characteristics
  • Operating reports on product launches on a PC or mobile phone
  • Accounting and barcoding of all products that have been sorted/processed
  • Ensuring the minimum number of times the product passes through the sorting line

Process of finished products sales

  • Fulfilment of buyers orders for payment and realization
  • Taking into account the requirements of buyers for the formation of pallets with finished products
  • Packaging accounting in terms of characteristics
  • Automated creation of the necessary documents
  • Operational reports on the sale of finished products

AGROTRACER makes the farm management easy, directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone. #

AGROTRACER automates the processes of collection, storage, sorting, processing and marketing of fruits and berries.

AGROTRACER includes templates for technological accounting management, which facilitates the work on the farm.


Receive up-to-date information about the harvest in terms of fields, quarters, teams, breeds, calibres, etc.

Reduce the impact of "human factor" on the processes of harvesting and storage

Take into account weather conditions when weighing products

Automate the products distribution in storage chambers

Minimize the number of product sorting cycles by optimizing the production processes

Control product losses at every stage of storage and production

Support work with specialized equipment: electronic scales, data collection terminals, label printers, POS-terminals, mobile devices

Ensure traceability through the system of marking (in accordance with the HACCP and Global G. A. P. requirements)

Automate working and mobile areas of a weigher, a forklift driver, a storekeeper and the operator of a sorting line


Easily comply with the requirements of international standards used in agriculture, such as HACCP, Global G. A. P., ISO, Organic

Reduce the cost of farm meeting the requirements of the standards, getting rid of paperwork and introducing automated reporting

Pass audits, certifications quickly and easily

Monitor the production processes of the farm in real time using the mobile version of the program

Control the product quality at each stage of production



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